Monday, 31 August 2015

More Fun With Railways...

Well, whilst I await delivery of my moderately large N gauge layout, I have turned my attention to filling the 6 feet of space adjacent to where it will sit in my studio.

One plan had been to construct a 009 narrow gauge line, but that way lies madness when you start to look at just how little there is available.

And so when I saw that Trainline Models had a ready to ship shunting layout of just the right size, for £795, down from £895 with shipping at £60 and conversion to DCC at a mere £20, I began to do some calculations.

I rapidly realised that as they had it listed on an internet auction site, they would lose over £100 in fees alone, serving neither they or I. 

It was in fact, not put too fine a point on it, money pissed right down the drain. And so, after a few very cordial and positive emails back and forth a price of £775 was agreed all inclusive with delivery in the next 2 weeks. GREAT!

Nobody has lost out and I have a rather nice scenic shunting layout to get stuck into with super detailing.

The layout 'as is' looks like this:

Obviously, no vehicles or trains are included, but apart from that, this is what I'll be getting.

I was going to go for a pre-Beeching steam image, but the more I look at it the more I see the real potential for a run down late 1970s backwater, with grubby blue rolling stock and decrepit shunters. I may rip out some of the buildings and I'll certainly add a lot more because frankly, as a friend pointed out, it's amazing, just how much you can fit into that space.

Lots of security fencing, corrugated workshops and the like with junk and crap will make it look very much the part. Graffiti,  will finish it off nicely, with maybe a police presence on the road over the railway, beating up some miners/skinheads/militant Communists.

Then, my next project is a 14ft x 8 inch shelf layout over the top of the other two prtraying the golden age of steam. But that will be mid 2016 at the very least I think.


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