Wednesday, 5 August 2015


In my youth, well over 3 decades ago, I developed a real love of wargaming the Vietnam War. 

Back then, it was considered quite tasteless to do so (although the Falklands soon took that crown) but I and a group of friends really got into the period. My favourite rules were 'Bodycount' by Ian & Nigel Drury.

My Nan bought me them on a trip into town from Games Workshop, Sheffield (yes, THAT Games Workshop) and they were great; being a mix of wargaming and roleplaying. Anyway, I looked everywhere for them last month and could not find them, alas, alas!

I mentioned this to the venerable Tim Gow, author of Megablitz, gaming personality and general all-round sterling chap. Tim said he may be able to help.

Well, Tim spoke to his people, who in turn spoke to the Drury people. Deals were done in smoke-filled, dimly lit rooms. Small countries were overthrown, airstrikes were made.

And Tim arrived at my secret hilltop base with an original copy of the Bodycount rules.

With a two week holiday in front of me, I am looking forward to re-reading these rules and starting a new Vietnam collection.

Thanks to Tim, Ian & Nigel!

( The observant amongst you will have noticed that I used a 'stock' image of the later edition of the rules, above)