Saturday, 24 October 2015

Pains, Trains, No Automobiles...

The arm and shoulder problems are still not diagnosed. There is still a possibility that I have brachial neuritis - which is rare - but having been called in to see my G.P yesterday with the promise of a 'shoulder injection' I instead left with the promise of an MRI scan of my neck and brachia as well as a prescription for neuro-inhibitors (I believe that is the term) which whilst they nock me for six, did actually let me get 5 or 6 hours reasonable down time last night. Better than nothing, I guess...

After the swathe of work I  have got through in the last month (I have my decks cleared right through until 16th November, now) I am going to award myself an additional week of vacation, once I get the workflow for December prepared in a few minutes. Anyone who thinks being a full time figure painter is a doddle, should think again. It's hard graft - if not, you're not doing it properly.

I managed to get a couple of hours this morning on my OO gauge railway, and the upgrading of the 'Stanton Yard' layout I bought from Trainline Models, to 'Bright Pastures' is coming along nicely.

The buildings are all finalised now. Today I have got the gravel for the industrial unit in place. The building is Skaledale and will be repainted and an interior added. In it's new guise of 'Miami Spice Imports' when you look through the skylights there will be several sharp suited types doing business over some strange white powder surrounded by crates. (It is set in the 80s after all).

I also finished the ground in 'Simonite's Scrap Yard' added the Nissen hut (Skaledale again) and did the initial scrubby grass and wild rose tree. Next is to make a really ugly corrugated fence, install a sickly coloured bulb in the hut and add the scrap. The stark difference between the inner and outer foliage is more apparent here because of the fence not being in place yet.

In the background you can see the shed and the offices, which are coming along slowly.

I need 72 inches of Knightwing security fence for the next stage and to find a set of Bachmann Porta-Kabins.

Once I am happy with the structures, I'll start filling the spaces and adding details and figures.

But for now, I am pretty happy with things.

Once this is done, I have a large-ish N scale U.S layout to go at the side of this and then I am looking at a 14x1 N scale Canadian layout running above the two.

Right. well I better crack on with the prep' work...


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