Wednesday, 28 October 2015

W.H.O Announcement On Sausages Puts North Korea Into Overdrive

Following yesterday's announcement regarding the cancer-causing effects of cured meats, North Korea has unveiled to the world it's latest fiendish weapon of mass destruction, believed to be tailored for use against the West.

Officially known as the 슈퍼 큰 죽음 소시지 로켓 or syupeo keun jug-eum sosiji lokes, NATO has designated it SKJSL-15.

Western sources have informed us that NATO is to work with a major German sauerkraut manufacturer to develop high altitude detonation kim-chi based weapons to act as a deterrent, but full roll out is unlikely before 2017.

In the meantime, NATO has advised all civilian defence agencies to stock up on mustard and ketchup and prepare for the wurst.


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