Sunday, 8 November 2015

Changes In The Gallery

Despite the continuing issues with my right arm (no, it's nothing to do with wanking... I'll leave that to others more qualified) and the arthritis, I've had a really good weekend.

Saturday was spent playing boardgames with friends and family, and a jolly time was had, arm notwithstanding.

Today was a great day because I managed to get more artwork into the studio, and waved bon voyage to another.

I parted - not without sadness - with one of my John Blanche paintings to Jon Boyce of 'Magpies & Old Lead' a rather spiffing blog.

In return I received an undisclosed sum, but more importantly I took ownership of 3 Tony Ackland pieces, all of which have been published previously and which I have tried to get Jon to part with previously to no avail (a shrewd man). Anyway, as I wanted to make a few changes in the studio, Jon and I were able to both realise our desires - well, some of them at least.

I've also been able to finally get some other pieces onto my studio walls at the same time, and so I am rapidly reaching critical mass with regards to space.

So, for your gratification....

Now, this first one is a print from 1987. BUT, it has a history. It was of course, the cover for the Harry Harrison book ' The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted' which was launched here in the UK at the 45th World Science Fiction Convention at the M.E.C, Brighton in August of 1987. Big "deal!" you cry... 

Fair comment, but this is signed by both the author and the cover artist, a little-known artist by the name of Jim Burns.

It's been sitting in an archive portfolio for 5 years awaiting it's frame, ams at last, it's dream has been realised. The pic is A3.

These two are Wayne England originals, both stylistically different and both published in WOTC era AD&D supplements

Oh, how I have been after this one... This is as most of you with an interest in proper gaming will recognise, an illustration published in the Realm Of Chaos books for Warhammer, and is of course by Tony Ackland (long may his beard shine and his pencil hand remain steady)

The sequence above were published in White Dwarf Magazine, back in the 10th year of publication as illustrations for a Stormbringer / Hawkmoon scenario titled 'The Madcap Laughs'. The artist Tony Hough tells me that there were some more in the sequence which have gone the way of all flesh as it were. Alas, alas...

Finally, I have also managed to get my original animation cel from 'The Real Ghostbusters' cartoon series. It comprises of background and overlay. I also have the tracing masters, which are sealed into the rear of the frame with the documents of provenance.

I have two more Tony Ackland illustrations - a Christmas card design for GW/Citadel and a well known  pic of a Skaven champion.

They need rather peculiar mounts cutting, so hopefully, I'll get thos done in the next week during my last week of 'staycation'.

And with that I'll sign off for the time being.



  1. Nice to see the Ackland framed and hung Mark!

  2. Cheers Jon. I need to get specific mounts cut for two of them to get the best from them, but there will be pics posted as soon as I get it done.


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