Friday, 6 November 2015

Playing With Toy Trains Again...

After a day of little chores and odd jobs all over town (some holiday eh?) I have spent 5 or so hours finishing that area known as 'Simmonite's Yard' on my OO micro layout.

I'm pretty happy with it. It now needs the clutter and 'life' breathing into it.

The Nissen hut is lit with the Woodland Scenics system, and the windows to the front are whitewashed to add that little touch of 'KEEP OUT' to it all.

Next, I'll crack on with the yard behind it which you can see has a building placed for 'visual planning' but which is untouched. It will have the whole area fenced and gated , the office will be painted, added and lit, with a small fuel tank and B.R maintenance trucks parked outside.

To the rear of Simmonite's will be the recently constructed industrial unit occupied by 'Miami Spice (Import & Wholesale)' run by two brothers originally from Puerto Rico who have lived in Florida for the last few years and say that they are branching out into the vibrant, upwardly mobile, UK market. There are rumours that they are importing something more than chilli peppers!

We shall see...


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