Friday, 6 November 2015

Walting In Waltham...

Now, before anyone races to 'out me, I used to be an airsofter. In fact I founded the North's largest team back in about 1997. 

However, I found this story whilst sitting in the waiting lounge yesterday morning awaiting the fitting of our winter tyres

"Mark Izzard, 44, pretended that he was an ex-military man who served with an elite SAS unit in Iraq.
His wife Tracey had no reason to doubt his elaborate tales during their 15 years together and believed he had been at war in the Middle East and saved many lives while on missions there.
Sadly, she died of cancer three years ago, remaining proud of the heroic serviceman until the end, and  never knowing the truth about her deceitful husband.
Izzard told The Sun newspaper that his web of lies began when he played a joke on a woman in a pub many years ago.
He then continued with the lies for nearly two decades.
"I put some pics on Facebook and the next thing I know I’m getting death threats," he said.
Apparently the trucker used to regularly tell dramatic stories highlighting his courageous nature to anyone who would listen.
Izzard even claimed that he had lost friends in battle, won war medals and suffered torture at enemy hands.
His stepson Danny (22) told The Sun: "He said to me he was in the first Gulf War. I felt sorry for Mum. Their whole relationship was a lie."
It’s reported that Izzard, of Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, currently drives for a tool hire company and has no military background.
Izzard’s stepchildren, Danny and his sister Izzy became suspicious when they found a letter addressed to ‘Corporal Izzard’ with no official military letterhead."

Sadly I know a few people involved in airsoft who carry on in a similar fashion. One particularly fine example I came across on Facebook a couple of years ago featured a guy standing proud and rooster-like against a big pile of builder's sand wearing full British Army desert kit.

These types are fucktards to a man... Just my opinion, you understand.


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