Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dwarfs, Dwarves, Short Arsed Little B*****s...

Well, my mojo is back I fear. Introspective soul searching, and an analysis of what I really love, hobby-wise have made me realise that I really, REALLY want to get my head back into 'old school' fantasy gaming.

I have always been a a fan of the Orc & Goblin armies and at the totally opposite pole, Dwarves.

Orcs have got too silly even for fantasy, but Dwarves are still a pretty 'sensible' army.

In 1989, when my daughter was born, in fact in the very week she popped out and said 'hi' to the world, I bought a Dwarven gun and crew from the Marauder Miniatures (Citadel offshoot) range, which re-imagined the short arsed little fellahs in renaissance attire. People took to them right away, but of course Q.T Miniatures had already produced Landsknecht Dwarves several years earlier with less of a trumpeting than the GW propaganda machine gave this range of latecomers.

Still, I enjoyed painting them and then moved onto other things, such as being a full-time Dad for 5 years or so.

Well, when White Knight announced that he a had privately commission John Pickford to sculpt him a range of renaissance Dwarves about 3 or 4 years ago now, I was pleased to find out I could get him to sell me a few. But, when life overtook for a while I decided that I had bigger priorities with my time and the mood passed.

Now that The Assault Group have the Kickstarter going , having taken ownership of the range, I am in there again, and have backed them for £400 which gets me 122 packs of figures and a saving of around £500.

What really has me drooling are the freebie figures for those people who back the campaign, which will never EVER be produced again after it.

There's a foot knight and even better a Dwarf Santa. The Santa will apparently go to anyone who pledges over £8 which is less than many GW figures with far less character...

Anyway, get over to the Kickstarter site and spend a little of that Xmas cash which is burning a whole in the pocket of your festive cardigan...

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