Wednesday, 23 December 2015

It's The Time Of Year When One's ThoughtsTurn To Meat...

Well, another year is almost at it's close, and I am indeed older and wiser...

The one thing to come out of the last couple of years, is that  there are no more favours without the chink of coin. The Swiss had the right idea.

On the flip side, I do still have a few friends after my castigation and scourging as well as the fall out from 21st December 2012 where I put the fact that my wife had pneumonia before dragging her to a get together of old gaming mates in a wet and windy backstreet pub, far from the beaten tracks. I ended up saying a few choice and offensive words (no surprise there) and that was the last I heard or saw of about a dozen people I'd known for over 30 years.

But, at least I have been true to myself and have not bent to the wills of others.

Not the nicest wisdom, but it was an experience. People may not like me, but I still hold them in my thoughts and heart for the most part.

It's a funny old world...

Moving on, I have been drawn in by the Kickstarter being run by those fine people over at The Assault Group, who've taken on those rather wonderful Renaissance Dwarves formerly available in a limited Way from White Knight.

For £400 I have managed to get around £900 worth of models, which is more than enough to build the entire 3rd ed Warhammer Dwarf army list, with an additional 50 cavalry mounted on ponies, redolent of the 'Thelwell' cartoons, and a few more additional infantry units for variety of weapon types.

The Kickstarter is here:

And the range, with pictures can be seen here:

Dwarves in Landsknecht dress... What's not to like?

And so, I am now winding down for a couple of weeks of sheer indulgence. It'll be a quiet Christmas as usual, with just the two of us and the four dogs, but we have excellent vittles including venison, pork, pheasant, turkey, beef and gammon for starters and a seriously fantastic range of pickles and condiments:

Just as well, really because we have a few kilos of cheese and pate, too:

And just in case we need to wash it down a rather fine selection of wine, 11 bottles of port, plus gin and cognac:

Which just goes to show that cutting back on wargaming spending this year has led to much worse habits...

Well, all that remains is for me to wish you all a wonderful festive period and all that you would wish for and deserve in the new year ahead.

Eat, drink and make merry!


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