Saturday, 6 February 2016

More Progress In N Scale...

Well, I've had 3 hours on the layout this afternoon... 

Starting from a bare surface of Modroc, applied on Thursday, I have firstly sealed and stained it with earth brown acrylic, PVA and flow improver, then after about an hour, that all got a coat of Winsor And Newton 'Galleria' burnt sienna acrylic, then about half an hour after that, it took 20 minutes to apply a stone brown coat over that. If I am lucky, I'll then be able to finish the four stages with a wash of Vallejo sepia shade, wash.

The 1st coat seals and adds a stain to the plaster, so you can easily see any areas missed. The 2nd coat is still dark, but darker than the first so that you build up a warm undershade, and so that you can see where you miss. The 3rd coat is the 'real' colour and again because you can see where it's going, you don't miss anywhere. Finally, the 4th stage tones the main colour.

The next stage will be to drybrush the vertical faces and paths with the main stone colour and add static grass on the flat areas.

The backdrop will also get done next. I had it lowered at a local DIY place today for about £1 from 11 to 7 inches all in. This is because when MrReading recovers his sanity from this one, I'd like him to build me a 13 foot by 9 inch branch line to sit over my other two layouts.

I'm hoping the stone cast walls I ordered last week, get here in the next few days as I really want to get them painted and installed.

This really is a relaxing hobby for me, and it's great to have that knife-edge uncertainty that comes when you have to try to master a new discipline.


And whilst I was writing the above, I managed to get some shading on using a Montana Gold acrylic spray, and then 10 minutes later the Vallejo sepia wash. 5 coats in 4 hours, and ready for the drybrush stage in 24 hours.

Now, I have to go and pack £3500 of work for a client, ready for delivery to Vapnartak on the morrow.

I'm also drooling over the notion of the new Perry Miniatures 'Agincourt' plastics... But more of that in a future post. For now, just think Free Company, and try not to get a stiffy...


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