Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Season Opens

It was with excitement and I confess, some trepidation, that we packed into the troop transport and made our way up the M1 then A1 to York, in a blinding sunrise, headed for the first major show of the season, 'Vapnartak'.

The trepidation was unfounded as, despite the ravages of winter, the massing throngs with long beards and girths that would cause a Brown bear to tip it's hat at the fine post-hibernation figures, were moving purposefully through the doors of the Knavesmire Stand at 9:30.

It seemed that despite the ravages of the recent weather, enough wargamers had survived to repopulate the hobby and this fine show, for the 2016 season.

We were so thrilled to see this, that we immediately did two laps of the table top sale and thence to the bar for a large hot coffee and blackcurrant cordial chaser.

As expected the clan turned out in force from Sheffield, Hull and Rotherham, along with our Manchester and North East, cadre so that we were 9 strong by about 10:30, and chatting amicably, catching up on wargames and family news, and giving your correspondent some serious stick about model railways.

Only member of my old Sheffield club was spotted, which was a low turnout, but I think that they may have stopped the traditional weekend piss-up with Vapnartak as a 'chaser'.

There was much discussion on the viability of a large show in Sheffield, and it was agreed that the funding and venues are all available. For my part, I would like to do a little more research into this and that, but I have to say that it does seem to be financially viable. Of course, the secret is not to create the show we want to see, but rather one that others will enjoy attending. Traders that were approached seemed quite enthusiastic too. Let's see where we can go with this, subject to a few more things being in order.

I spent very little today.

2 x boxes Perry '100 Years War English'  £35
Combined Arms rules by GDW  £2
Tub of foliage  £1.95
5 x N gauge allotments in resin (yes I managed to get model railway stuff at Vapnartak)  £2

Grand total  £40.95

The English will be added to when the new box sets come out on the 22nd, as I am planning a Free Company to WRG 6th - Book 3.

Now, I will admit that I also picked up about 500 Renaissance Dwarves from The Assault Group, but I'd paid the £400 for them (a right royal bargain, saving me about £600 ) at Christmas.

The displays were the usual high standard, and trade was brisk. Lots of bulging carrier bags and rucksacks bore testament to the Mammon worship taking place. By 2:30 we were all ready for the homeward journey the transports filled with the purchases of figures, boardgames, books and scenic knick knacks and everyone very pleased and satisfied with the day.

Hats of to York Wargames Society for another great show!

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