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It's no secret that I have what can only be described as feelings of lust for Ral Partha fantasy (and indeed historical) miniatures.

It began for me in early 1981, when I saw my first RP miniatures in Hopkinsons, a rather wonderful and sorely missed toy and hobby shop in Sheffield. It was literally packed to bursting with products, amongst which were two racks of bagged fantasy and sci-fi miniatures. I'll not go into great details, but you can read all about it in my book 'Real Life's A Bu**er' an 80s gaming memoir packed with 80s nostalgia and youthful joie de vivre of the sort your mother would not approve of.

Anyway, those of us who fancied ourselves as genteel connoisseurs of the fine miniature, were drawn to the Ral Partha figures, produced under a lend lease agreement between they and Citadel.

They were crisper and superbly proportioned. True, Citadel had a ludicrous variety of models, but RP figures were almost meant for ranking up into units. The Tome Meier Elves and Orcs were so good, that you'd not be chided by friends for deciding to buy 4 of these figures instead of the latest edition of your chosen soft porn magazine ( I had a taste for the trashier types and so for me, it was Escort and Fiesta in case you are wondering ). They were that good...

Anyway, figures came and went over the years and my massive Orc and Lizardman armies went their way as recounted in detail in an earlier post, and although three years ago I tried to rebuild the latter via eBay, I was getting fleeced by sell-sword dealers, peddling 25mm scale white metal 'drugs' because as you might recall the Troglodytes were released by Citadel as 'Speciality Sets' and thus are considered 'Oldhammer' and therefore you can expect to get screwed over royally.

You can imagine my absolute delight, when in 2015 Iron Wind / Ral Partha announced a Kickstarter to relaunch some of those classics. My mate invested heavily in Elves, but sadly at the time the Troglodytes were later entrants in the race and I could not have built an army from the selection offered as 'stretch goals', and so my 30 year dream was crushed.


At about 9PM U.K time today Partha Posse are launching another Kickstarter, based around their Undead and Troglodytes as well as hundreds of other classics...

Giant Half Troll Champion In Ornate Classical Armour?  - You bet

Hellenic Titan? - Sure

Wraith on Barghest? - Does a Troll crap in the woods?

New Troglodytes? - Oh, go on then!

Don't take my word for it... Go and take a look at the campaign because there is genuinely just too much to list on this humble blog.

If like me you know that there was more to fantasy gaming than Games Workshop / Citadel, you'd be daft to miss out on some of the deals.

For $5 ( about a the cost of a pint of beer in the U.K) you can have a totally new Julie Guthrie sculpt of a Vampire Queen, in a signed and numbered blister pack. Come on that's one for the collection isn't it?

As you know, I've broken my 34 year love affair with Warhammer and have turned to the 'Chaos Wars: Rules According To Ral' which are also on offer in a reprint for the cost of a couple of beers, and which are 'proper' wargaming rules with some innovative and intuitive mechanisms, which I only missed, because back in the bright and sunny 1980s, the cost of imported rule sets was prohibitive to a kid  on £3 per week, allowance.

They use a standard 12 figure infantry and 6 figure cavalry unit, which means that you can get a lot of units on a standard dining table, and indeed these were the sizes of unit, we typically used as kids, before GW insisted on 3 dozen models per unit.

The KS offers units in these sizes, so you can avoid wastage. If you want to use them for WHFB, just stick two or more blocks together for a larger unit, but to be honest, the Chaos Wars rules are superb!

Well, I've rambled on long enough, so I'll sign off now and direct you to the Kickstarter page at:

You can also Follow Ral Partha On Facebook at:

I'll give the final word to Michael Noe of Ral Partha:


PS: Those of you who may wish to read my book in all it's 380 page glory can find it on Amazon or can order it at your favourite bricks and mortar bookseller.

'Real LIfe's A Bu**er - A Tale Of Sex, Dragons & Rock 'N' Roll'

ISBN: 1471643875

ISBN-13: 978-1471643873

Published in the U.S.A as 'On A Roll - A Tale Of Geeks, Dragons & Rock 'N' Roll' and coming in at slightly fewer pages as I edited it for a more conservative audience.

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