Sunday, 1 May 2016


As a kid in the early 80s, I was wowed by the Ral Partha 'Wizard on palanquin' carried aloft by four bugbears. Over the next 35 years or so, I set out a couple of times to get one painted, but frankly I never had the drive.

Well, this last week, I picked the model up for a stupendously cheap, £5.99 and decided after a truly gruelling week of painting for clients and promising to keep off the trains for once, to make a start on it, ahead of the delivery of $750 of orcs, goblins, dragons and other goodness from Ral Partha.

Anyway, I have completed the palanquin and it's payload in two days, and hopefully, I'll get the 4 bugbear porters completed on Monday, it being a Bank Holiday here in the U.K.

And so, without further ado, I give you P'Well The Sartorialist with his Drow concubine Kylie and pet panther Snowy riding upon the Red Star Palanquin Lii'Lefson-Prrt.

For those who may be interested, the throne and mage were worked up from a white base and the palanquin and accoutrements were on black.

The Trolls/Bugbears carrying the palanquin were also on a white base.

The undercoats were Halfords auto primers and the paints used, a mix of Vallejo and Coat D'Arms.

Varnishes were Montana Gold high gloss anti-UV lacquer and the matte was Winsor & Newton Professional Matt Artists Varnish.

Being 'true 25mm' it's an intricate model to paint, before you factor in that it is from the maniacally talented hands of one Tom Meier.

Palanquins in Chaos Wars games are pretty potent units.

Anyhow, I am very pleased with how it's coming along.


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