Sunday, 29 May 2016

Radio Silence And On Feeling One Has Been Jinxed...

Its been something of a shitty week.

I spent most of Tuesday polishing off the May workload, as I'd undertaken working double days, to clear the decks ahead of the bank holiday.

All would have been reasonably OK, until I managed to reposition a pot of 'Coat D'arms' black paint on the floor of the studio.

Luckily, I paid good money for casino carpet, when the studio was fitted out, so it's pretty damn robust. That said, it still took me an hour to lift 99% of the stain and then clean down the carpet washer.

The head went back to the mill stone and I completed my day's work, somewhat fatigued.

And thus, it was in a state of said fatigue that I slipped on the studio stairs and although I managed to avoid serious injury from the fall - or so I thought - I did 'jar' my right tibial plateau, which I broke about 10 years ago whilst longboarding.

Wednesday saw me awake and running around at just after 5AM and as I took the daily shower and hair washing interlude, I bent my neck forwards and 'CLICK' a disc in my lower back decided to give in.


And thus the last three days of my working week were maintained by amitriptylene, assorted pain killers and red wine.

My wife has also been in poor health this week and so, I began to feel that we had been jinxed. And so, taking no chances I grabbed a few old books of mine, and set about employing a protective ritual or two, which seem to have solved things.

If it comes as a surprise to some that I would stoop to what may be thought of as 'woo-woo' I have had a foot in the occult door for about 35 years, and have witnessed too many instances where it's been plain that there is 'something' which works. Only a handful of times have I resorted to 'weaponised' ritual and then only as a last resort. I think it was used fairly.

The holiday has been spent doing a few odd chores and trying to get myself rested again before I begin the June workflow on Wednesday.

I've managed to get some of the Oakbound 'Myeri' which I took delivery of earlier in the week and which, will serve nicely as Fimir.

They're lovely imposing figures and on 40mm bases they should scare the shit out of the opposition with 60+ models on the table.

I also managed to have a couple of hours on the shunting layout which arrived 10 days ago from Steve Hornsey.

I must say, it's a truly wonderful layout to operate and all the traffic in the upper and lower yards was cleared to the mainline with no breakdowns.

A couple of locos did seem to be threatening to 'stutter' and so I purchased a Woodland Scenics wheel cleaner yesterday which, has put pay to that issue, and all 9 locos traversed the layout this morning, faultlessly.

It was £20 well spent and as usual my local railroad emporium 'Rails' had exactly what I needed and at the right price.

And so, if you will excuse me, I have to prepare for the arrival of guests and an evening of boardgames.


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