Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tempus Fugit

L to R: Billy Sherwood, Geoff Downes, some geezer, Jon Davison, Alan White, Steve Howe. Prog rock royalty

Kayte and I saw and met 'Yes' last night. Musically brilliant as always. Jon Davison frankly, knocks the socks of f Jon Anderson in the vocal range department. Setlist was primarily the albums 'Drama' & 'Fragile' in their entirety as well as a few others. Highlights for me musically were Starship Trooper, Tempus Fugit and Owner Of A Lonely Heart. All very different stylistically. Got home at about 23:30 after meeting the band and getting pics and autographs. We finally ot to bed at about 01:30 this morning.

The setlist really permitted all the talents of the individual members to show through. Steve Howe is still frighteningly good. Very little banter with the crowd, but that's because you don't go to a Yes gig to bandy words, you go there to listen, and listen hard.

A very moving opening, saw a son et lumiere montage, with the late Chris Squire's bass in a single spotlight. Billy Sherwood was bassist last night and he is truly the heir to the crown.Alan White was his usual steady self on drums and Geoff Downes gave an abject lesson in what prog rock keyboards are all about.

After being served merlot in plastic cups, we wandered outside at half-time with two half empty bottles of coke. I reached into my sock and the contents of my pocket flask (That's why boot cut flares are a godsend) and they became full bottles of rum 'n' coke as if by magic.The second half was very relaxed.

Although the ticket read 'plus support' it was just the men themselves, and nobody complained.Today, I have just stretched out in bed with a few coffees, and a croissant or two, pepped with a little Bavarian ham and Swiss cheese and since 12:30 having bathed our 4 dogs, I've retired to my studio (no, I am NOT painting for clients today) to tickle up a few Ral Partha wolves and listen to a little more Yes.

I still can't believe that it's 35 years since I listened to my first 'Yes' tracks.


PS: think I have a few more streaks of grey in my luxuriant locks this morning. Not sure if this is the effect of meeting some more of my idols, and realising that 35 years have passed since I first heard them on vinyl.

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