Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Train Now Leaving... The Train Now Arriving...

Well, Sunday saw my 8 foot layout leave, with the help of a hacksaw and a bloke with a hatchback.

Frankly, on reflection, it was for the best as it wasn't really 'doing it' for me.

After much discussion we've also decided to stay at The Dark Tower for the foreseeable future and to extend and enlarge the courtyards and gatehouse, and erect higher walls.

This means that future model railroad plans can be taken off the back burner and brought to fruition.

On Wednesday, my 6 foot Canadian provincial layout arrives from Steve Hornsey. It's got manual points as it's a narrow layout. It will incorporate two industries (freight and timber' as well as have the edges of the seedier parts of town in the shadows of the highway flyover which bisects the layout .

I also gave Steve a really nightmare brief or my next layout, on 12 feet by 29 inches, again set in North America, incorporating a long run, lots of branches, a yard, coast and provision for 'small town America'.

And by Sauron, he's only gone and done it!

The long line at the top of the picture and curve at left, will be hidden, and will provide about 14 feet of hidden storage, whilst the rest of the layout has a lot of operating potential. At the front there'll be a harbour and I reckon four people should be able to operate a section of rail without getting in the way of other operations.

It says a lot about Steve's insight because he said 'here's an idea'. And I made no alterations...

Right, I better go and earn a crust to help pay for this baby.


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