Saturday, 4 June 2016

Red Skinned Fantasy

Well, I went to bed last night, more than happy with my purchases and with sincere resolve, that I would not buy unpainted figures, unless they were 6mm. After all I can paint 50-60 a day of those which means that armies will grow pretty quickly.

I was awoken at 5AM this morning by one of the pack (again) and after 5'5 hours sleep and a really disturbing dream in which my grandmother informed me I was evil and would go to hell, I was in pretty piss-poor shape this morning, when my gaming buddy arrived at 9AM for our bi-weekly gaming session.

We partook of Napali style scrambled eggs and coffee, and then as my mate set up 'Iron Dragons', I checked out what was on the forums and sales groups.

Well, bugger me sideways, if there wasn't a very nice Games Workshop army made up of Bloodletters of Khorne and their ilk, priced very attractively (having been reduced) at £150 - well below RRP for bare models.

Not being one to hesitate when pounds can be saved, I closed a deal at £170 to include shipping and the Paypal fees for the seller (I am not an unfair man), and so I have a third army this week, on it's way to me...

We had a round table session today and have decided that we are all going to play Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant which are fast play, large scale skirmish rules for fantasy and medieval battles. We will be tackling massive fantasy battles in 6mm using the wonderful Micro World Miniatures.

So for a total of £500 all in, I have got 3 very tidy 28mm forces this week.

And if that wasn't enough, I picked up a bargain last night on a charity book stall in a supermarket...

It set me back a whole 50p

Well, I'll sign off for now...



  1. Nice bargain - it looks like you've benefited from the Age of Sigmar fallout.

    1. Indeed it does. I am seriously investing in toys now, and as I have the capital to do it whilst the new model railroad comes on line, I am taking the opportunity. There are some great deals out there, but I have now put myself on 'stand down' for a few weeks as I have a lot to get put into cases and drawers after this week, and my Death Eater costume need s some time on it... A tickle is needed here and there on a few of the things I have bought (just to personalise them - you know how it is) and time is at a premium. That said, if another 'can't be missed' offer comes along...

      As you say, the AOS fallout is very useful.

  2. I am, oddly enough, more jealous of you finding the Prince and the Woodcutter for 50p than the three armies...


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