Friday, 1 July 2016

It's Looking Good...

Well, yesterday I had the latest W.I.P update from Steve Hornsey who I have commissioned another model railroad layout from to replace the disappointing 8ft layout I had built last year by The Fiddle Yard.

If only I'd known of Steve back then...

Anyway, I commissioned a 6 foot shelf layout earlier this year, and it was/is lovely.

So, I had no hesitation in asking Steve to take on a more ambitious project this time, with a 12ft x 2.5 foot N scale layout depicting a a single track branch set somewhere just South of the U.S / Canadian border along the Great Lakes.

It's going to be DCC with analog points and as you can see in the W.I.P pics below, it features a lakeside terminus, space for several industries as well as a large yard for sorting car consists.

Behind the scenes is a single storage line to hide the outbound trains which will then be carried over to the shelf layout which represents the fictional small town of 'Loose Dog, Alberta'

I am really happy with the layout so far which as you can see is going to be set in the early autumn to allow for some lovely shades and to set off the lighthouse which I have planned for the harbour area.

Anyway, I hope you like seeing how my railroad forays are going...


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