Sunday, 3 July 2016

Of Puzzles & Tarty Fairies

It's funny, but sometimes the strangest things resound so deeply with my lifetime love of fantasy gaming.

One Christmas, I would guess it was 1981, as it coincided with my finding of the one true way, my parents included as a stocking filler a little game-cum-puzzle as a stocking filler, by the name of 'I.Q' produced by Skirrid International.

It was basically a glorified version of 'Solitaire' and even though it had absolutely nothing to to with Dungeons & Dragons, swords, wizards, Car Wars, Traveller, in fact anything other than it was a wonderful example of design at the time, I played the damned thing to near destruction.

Time passed, I moved out of the parental home with the assistance of South Yorkshire Police, I lost it.

Over the years, the mere thought of that little black triangle of consternation has made me go all warm and fuzzy in the same way as the girls in Games Workshop did when they wore fancy dress up on Xmas Eve, when I was a youth, but try as I might I've never managed to find another.

And lo' today I have managed t get one for the princely sum of £1.50 after some serious haggling.

Happiness and joy abound here in the upper floors of the Dark Tower!


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