Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sheffield Triples Cancelled For 2017

The grapevine is alive with news that Sheffield Wargames Society have announced that the Triples 2017 show has been cancelled.

Upon looking into the rumour, it seems to be fact. The SWS website ( http://www.sheffieldtriples.co.uk ) states:

'Sheffield Wargames Society wishes to announce that sadly, the 2017 Triples wargames show will not take place.  This decision was taken reluctantly but is the result of waning interest and increasing costs.
All deposits taken to date will be returned and the club secretary will be contacting competition organizers individually.

Sheffield Wargames Society would like to thank everyone; traders, competitors and the general public, who have supported and enjoyed the event over the past 35 years.'

It would appear that the chatter on on the web earlier this year was not hyperbole. The decision saddens me, as it was Triples which provided both my first experience of a wargames convention and indeed where I won my first painting competition in the early 80s, when it was at the Victoria Hotel.

Were I a betting man, I'd guess that another one day show may re-emerge, as it was suggested 4 years or so ago, in certain quarters of the society as an alternative to the two 'day money pit'.


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