Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Joy Of Six, Was, Well... A JOY!

I had planned for a quiet Sunday as I am not feeling to clever of late and I've been working a little too hard.

So, I was not really into the idea of having to go into town, but, as I had work for two of my trade clients who were going to be at Joy Of Six, I made the journey in.

And what a joy it was.

The catering is great, the venue is wonderful, and the size and atmosphere, everything that most shows today are not.

The entusiasm was palpable, and Heroics & Ros were so busy that I could not even have a conversation. I had to just grab a bag of new releases for painting and say a brief 'see ya'.

I will be putting J.O.S in my events calendar as a visitor proper in future, as it really does seem that shows of this type are the future of the hobby.

Excellent work by Baccus 6mm and Wargames Emporium - Way to go, folks!

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