Wednesday, 24 August 2016

In Possession Of 25Kgs Of Grass...

So, I'm asleep, enjoying my holiday when, at 7:20AM the first delivery of static grass arrived from the manufacturers. 
But, because I love you all so much, I dragged myself downstairs without the aid of a coffee and dug out one bag of each colour to show you.

It's worth noting that because 'S.N.A.F.U'  know modellers and wargamers are an appreciative bunch, we had all but one made in matte format and the other (white) in a semi-dull finish.

The quality has really impressed us. Remember, I use static grass every day in my other guise of a full time figure painter. I have always used Mininatur/Silflor, but I can confirm that I will be switching to my own brand as each new project begins for my account clients.

In short it's top quality with none of the supply issues which I've had with Mininatur in the last 12 months or so.

And of course it also means that I can supply direct to the customer at pretty amazing prices.

This is why 'S.N.A.F.U' is retail supply only.

Right, now if you will excuse me, I need coffee and to get back to my vacation :)


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