Friday, 12 August 2016

More From Conflict In Colour

Just a few more pics of commissions I've undertaken for clients in my work as 'Conflict In Colour' ( )

First up are more 15mm:

And now a few 10mm:

And to finish, some 28mm:


  1. Very nice! If you don't mind me asking, how many minis do you paint a week?

  2. It depends...

    6mm around 300, 15mm around 70 and 25mm around 25-30 but it can be more . I try to stick to 40-50 hours per week. Basing and preparation are 'free days' on top of that.

  3. That's quite a work rate! On difficult days at work my mind wanders to thoughts of earning a crust painting minis, but I know that I'd become jaded in fairly short order. I've barely painted a mini since speed painting a Sisters of Battle army two years ago (I have built a few hundred though).

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  5. The thing is, it's a job. It's no easier than when I was a case worker in the Civil Service, and if you don't perform you don't get paid. A holiday means 14-16 hour days beforehand.


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