Sunday, 28 August 2016

Praise Of The Highest Order For Ebor Miniatures

Now, here is an example of superb customer service and relations, which is always something to be praised.
Ebor Miniatures had quoted me a price for a large 28mmSpanish WSS army comprised of 12 regiments of foot, 8 of horse and 6 guns.
So, upon reflecting on this, I said I'd double my order and then some, and add a Savoyard army, for a total of 15 horse, 26 foot and 16 guns
Today I was sent the bill, which seemed a little high by 3 figures, and so, I questioned it and just got a reply that the amount was indeed correct, but Nick at Ebor had realised that he had transposed the figures on one of the prices in the original quote, which made that considerable difference. 
But he said, it was his error and the price would be honoured.
So, he can bet his bottom dollar that I will be a returning customer in the future, and I'll more than make up for his goodwill, I am sure.


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