Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Smoking Marlborough...

I mentioned, I think in my review of Britcon, that I'd picked up a rather expensive (but fair) copy of the C S Grant classic, 'From Pike To Shot'.

Well, I was browsing the net of interconnectivity the other day, when I found that a similar pair of books had been written by Mr Grant essentially bringing 'FPTS' up to date and adding excellent colour plates by Bob Marrion. What was more, there was a second edition which amalgamated the two earlier volumes int a single A4 sized glossy hardback, seductively priced at £35 direct from Caliver Books.

As it is my 48th birthday on Thursday, I ordered it, as a birthday present to myself.

It was delivered today, and boy dies it have the 'wow!' factor.

The book is a really high quality  throughout and it's more than just a re-hashing of 'FPTS'. It seriously expands the  sections on the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese armies with both uniform specifics and the stunning Marrion plates which make the whole thing 'pop'.

If you have any interest at all in the War Of The Spanish Succession, then this is the book for you.  Ignore the £35 price tag, because quite honstly you will thank yourself when you open this 128 page cornucopia of tricorne-wearing goodness.

Go on... You owe it to yourself!


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