Saturday, 20 August 2016

S.N.A.F.U - Flock You!

Greetings all,

I just thought I’d share the latest news regarding the initial release of flocks from Conflict In Colour, branded as ’S.N.A.F.U’  ( Situation Normal All Flocked Up ).

We have decided on 15 initial products which in brief are:

0.5mm - 3 colours, chosen for adding a ‘ground cover’ effect when blended in with other colours. In the case of white it can be used as snow or mixed with other shades to create a slightly frosted grass effect.

2mm - 10 colours including two ready mixed grasses for those who want to just ‘flock and go’ and 8 ‘solid’ colours which can be used for a more uniform look or blended. In particular there 5 green tones which we suggest are great for creating tonal blends when mixed together with other shades.

4mm - 2 colours which will work either on their own or blended to represent grassland which has started to 'grow out’.

We aim to add more colours and custom mixes over time, as well as longer fibres.

We also aim to be price competitive with a 20g bag retailing at £1.75

We can also supply larger volumes by arrangement, P.O.A.

We have selected to focus initially on 2mm as it is by far the most useful ‘off the shelf’ length of fibre for all scales, giving great coverage and a pleasing finish, even without a static grass applicator. 

All Conflict In Colour basing is done with 2mm, apart from where a customer specifically requests otherwise, and does not involve an applicator. It is this considerable experience with the 2mm fibres which has driven the decision to launch the S.N.A.F.U range with this length at the core.

The range will ‘go live’ in early autumn 2016, and photos of all the colours ‘in situ’ on bases will be available shortly.



Conflict In Colour

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