Monday, 29 August 2016

You Know How You Get These Ideas?

I've always loved the look of the Age Of Reason, more specifically the Marlburian era.

I think it goes back to the Wednesday night down at Sheffield Wargames Society, when the scholarly, gentleman wargamer John Armatys, invited me to play a game using his wonderful Marlburian English and 7YW Prussians, using his fast play rules (Musket, Fife & Drum' I seem to recall).

John's English army was I think, made up from the Stratagem range, and was painted in a wonderful traditional style, with intricate renditions of the Grenadier's mitre cap front plates, meticulously researched.

This is one of my favourite armies of all time, and I would happily pay Mr Armatys a very tidy sum for that army, I can tell you... (If he ever offers me the opportunity, you'll read of it here)

Anyway, despite painting many for other folk, I've never owned a 25mm army for this period, thus, I decided to rectify that and I've ordered two armies from Ebor Miniatures, with the plan to have them both painted for me.

I had decided on a Bourbon Spanish to comprise:

14 infantry regiments

9 Horse regiments

Half a dozen guns

And because a bit like group sex, one is never sufficient, I decided to also order a Piedmont-Savoy army which comprises:

12 infantry regiments

8 horse regiments

4 guns & crew

I'm really looking forward to seeing it all on the table. The process of getting it all painted will take about 2 years, but if they are anything like the last year, they will just fly by.

Now, if I could tempt Mr Armatys with an opening offer of £600...

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