Friday, 23 September 2016

Anybody Looking For 28mm Marlburian?

If anyone is interested I have a large, 28mm Spanish WSS army, using Ebor Miniatures...

£320.00 which is a heck of a saving...

Would consider trades for 'Grenadier Gold Line' AD&D miniature sets from the 80s.

12 x Infantry regiments (18 figs)

2 x Guard infantry regiments (18 each)

3 x Dragoon Regiments (12 horses and 12 riders each)

5 x Horse regiments (as above)

1 x Garde Du Corps regiment (as above)

2 x Guns each with 4 crew

12 12 Send me a message if interested
(1) Spanish Garde Du Corps Cavalry  £23.00 each

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