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Clerics For Warhammer 1st Edition

Clerics in WHFB 1st Ed

Clerics are essentially the militant priests of whatever benign or malignant god they serve.

Clerics Must always select WS as their primary skill and always have a BS 

Clerics may wear any armour, use shields but may not used weapons with a bladed edge or stabbing point in combat.

As Clerics draw their power direct from their deity, they do not expend energy to cast spells. They do however, need to test for fumbled spells. Failure has no other effect than the spell failing, primarily because their patron god is not watching them at the time, or is chasing a comely nymph whilst sipping draught ambrosia.

Clerics may use a mix of standard and necromantic spells.

The spells available to Clerics are as follows:

Level 1

Cure Light Injury
Bless Sword
Magic Light
Hold Undead

Level 2

Aura Of Steadfastness
Cure Severe Wound
Banish Undead (Necromantic)

Level 3

Banish Undead (Magic User)
Walk On Water

Level 4

Restore Life

In addition, Clerics may petition their god to perform a miracle. To do this roll 2d6 on any double apart from double 1 their request is granted, but loses all spell abilities for the rest of the day. On a roll of double 1, the Cleric loses one spell of their choice permanently.

Only one request may be made per day (game session if fighting a tabletop game). A miracle may be something such as:

‘Oh mighty Zoink, deliver me and my companions to a place of safety’

'Oh Greblord The Sarcastic, raise this corpse to life again’

'Oh mighty Arkwright…’ Well, you get the idea - something that’s miraculous.

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