Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cocaine Is A Cheaper Habit - Really

Well, after my splurge on 21 sets of Dwarven Forge scenery last week, my kid brother and I messed about with 3 sets yesterday, and we were really impressed with the look of it...

 The layout below was  about 3 square feet in area:

Anyway, I am really impressed with it and you really can't tell between the older resin stuff and new 'Dwarvenite' stuff.

We also played with the LED lit parts too, and they brought forth 'OOOOOHHHs' and 'SQUEEEEEs' aplenty.

Anyway, this lunchtime, another 4 sets arrived and I'm planning on another 4 this week. Then I think another 6-9 will finish things nicely.

I can confirm for the record that in comparison, cocaine is cheaper and less addictive by an order of magnitude.

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  1. Something like that has been my wish since I was about 9 - one day...one day...


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