Friday, 23 September 2016

Surrounded By Good Things, But The Lurgy Has Me In It's Foul Grip

As I type, I am in the 49th hour of a severe dose of the lurgy which has laid me low with all the symptoms of flu' and, left me feeling like the inside of a Kobold's loincloth at the end of a 12 day forced march whilst under pursuit by the local Ranger's.

I feel like shit...

Two days in a row, I've promised myself I'd take the rest of the week off, and recuperate, but as I have only lost 3 working days to illness since 2011, it's not something I can do easily. Thus, I've slogged on when really I should have stayed tucked up in bed .

And to cap it all off, I just had the great idea of using my coffee machine to get some hot water fast, for my Beecham's Powder, only I forgot to take the previous coffee pod out first, and I am now drinking a remedy which tastes and looks like a urine sample from a Kenco coffee taster who spent last night lashed up on  bottles of 'Hooch'.

Actually, it's not too bad, so if anyone reading this is a coffee taster with a penchant for alcoholic lemonade - get in touch!

Anyway, following my little splurge on 29 sets of Dwarven Forge over the last ten days, I have turned my thoughts to rules and miniatures, with a definite intention to keep it old school where possible.

To this end, I have taken delivery of a pile of Rolemaster books, Warhammer 1st edition and today, a pile of AD&D 1st ed rulebooks with the intention of spending my weekend in a series of hot baths, quaffing Lemsip and hot Vimto, with a box of tissues (for the nose!) and a selection of old rule sets. Come to think of it the tissues are a really good idea, when you think about it.

So, if you will excuse me, I feel the need to sweat and swoon a little more...


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