Saturday, 15 October 2016

Of Screaming Mobs & Cheap Figures

Screaming Mob Miniatures aims to bring fun, varied and affordable miniatures in traditional metal, to those of you who want to not just be able to play a skirmish game, but also field armies of 28mm warriors, thugs and ne'er-do-wells without selling a vital organ or making dark pacts with nameless gods. (Although, we would never discourage you from the latter!)

Screaming Mob may be new, but is built upon the firm foundations of it's sister businesses Conflict In Colour and S.N.A.F.U Scenics.

I am a veteran gamer of almost 4 decades at the time of writing and I'm also the author of the well received gaming memoir 'Real Life's A Bu**er - A Tale Of Sex, Dragons And Rock 'N' Roll'. In the 1990s I also ran the Sheffield branch of the Dungeons & Starships chain of stores, so I have 'seen the elephant' as it were.

I harken back to a time before blister packs and slotta bases, where  the models mattered more than the packaging. With that in mind, I am taking a very firm stance on the matter of 'frippery'.

Simply put, I am not going to waste your money on fancy packaging and graphics, because every penny I spend on such, will inevitably be passed on to you the customer, and that's not the way I play.

The initial releases will be a range of over 50 rabid Cultists, with weapon variants a-plenty and separate randomly supplied heads. This will mean that you can buy models armed to suit your tech level or game setting but, moreover you will be able to field potentially an army with hundreds of variations.

If these go down as well as I think they deserve to, I'll add some more packs as well as more head variants which may include some tongue in cheek pieces, 'just because'.

Beyond that, I have plans which are firmly rooted in the Old School camp which I don't want to disclose quite yet, but which I am sure will be of interest to most gamers who remember a time before spiky and gothic, became the norm.

And so, to 'MOBSTARTER'

The original  plan was to utilise the Kickstarter funding platform to launch the range with a 20% discount on the final RRP once the range was up and running.

But, wait a minute...

If I did that, I'd be paying them 10% and  you, the customer would see exactly the same product.

So, what seemed the best way to go forward was to use a pre-order sytem, selling direct, and ofering a 30% discount on the final RRP...


This will work very simply:

You place a pre order in the store, and, get rewarded with a nice discount by way of a thank you for helping to bring a pack of figures to production. Once the required figure is reached, the moulds go into production, you receive the first of the models from the moulds and then the pack goes on sale generally at the full price.

What's more, I'll put a 'Thank You' page up on the site where your name will be revered in all it's glory, so that all may see you were a backer.

I'll also put some deals up in very limited numbers for certain groupings of packs, bought in bulk. These will be even better value and in some cases, will be enough to launch aseveral packs on their own. If anyone selects one of these deals, the figures will go into production and anyone who has already pledged their support will get their models in the same way.

Watch this space for details of the website, coming soon...

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