Friday, 9 December 2016

A Change In Scales

As is now pretty obvious, I'm as addicted to railway modelling these days as I am wargaming, so it will come as no surprise to hear that I have this morning, just commissioned two new shelf layouts from my 'go to' builder, Steve Hornsey.

As usual I am looking for something different and so, this time I have decided on narrow gauge 009 scale, which in short is OO scale scenics but track which is, in all but the spacing of the sleepers (if you use 'proper' 009 stuff) N scale.

The first layout is going to be set inside the walls of a distillery, and the entire groundwork will be cobbled with the rails set into it - something that Steve portrays really well. It has a lot of potential for nice scenery and vignettes as materials, barrels to be filled and filled barrels being moved down to the road transport sheds.

The second layout will be set in the 1920s on the estate of a member of the gentry. It will feature his Lordship's private station, engine and carriage shed and then at the other end of the layout the loading dock for estate livestock as well as  small inbound goods shed for delivery of large goods from the local mainline station to the estate. The top right line will vanish behind the back scene representing the link out from the estate, to the local main line station.

Again, there's a lot os cope here for some nice vignettes and slices of 'Downton' and 'Wodehouse'.

Both are constrained to 6 feet by 1 foot to sit on my studio walls and will as always be fully automated and wired for digital control using my NCE Powercab system.

Also, as normal I'll be doing the bulk of the scenic work and I will of course post pics of it progressing.


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