Monday, 19 December 2016

A few words

Whilst I am filled with carpaccio of beef, raw garlic and bloody good red wine, let me use it as an excuse to say that I love and respect all of you whom I have known since I was but a youth, and although some of you may think I hold you in disdain, I will say on the record that it is not the case, and that its my way of coping. You have all played your part in my life and I'm grateful and pleased to know you.

To my DS3 and latterly FB friends I will say that I do indeed think of you as friends. Coming from someone who only interacts with people whom I find interesting, please reflect and accept my hand.

And those of you who have got inside my defences since my forays into gaming in 1980 both as peers and GW 'untouchables' ( you know who you are) will probably know me well enough to know that you are as close as anyone in my blood family. Indeed some of you were regulars at the family manse in the 80s and are every bit my brothers and sisters. Some of you in SWS may also on reflection appreciate the part you played and play in my life, whether you realised it until now.

Thanks all, for being who you are. 2016 has been crappy, but 2017 looms large.

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