Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Choices, Choices... But What to Buy?

I’ve been mulling over what makes me ‘buzz’ when it comes to miniatures.

I see a LOT of miniatures every week, as I paint for a living, and I have to say that with very, very few exceptions, I just can’t warm to any fantasy minis from about 1993 onwards. I suppose that given the theme of this group it’s not a bad idea.

I digress.

I’m thinking of doing one of my epic spends in the next couple of weeks, and so I came up with several potential manufacturers from whom to select my £500 worth of toys.

It's going to certainly be directed at fantasy themed stuff

I am looking for ‘evil’ themed units, and I guess it’ll end up being Goblins or undead.

Initially I was taken with the idea of Minifigs, but I am not sure they warrant the price tag.

Then there’s the Asgard range which is arguably a large and nice range with an excellent pedigree. Alas, the amount of import charges to the U.K will be unreasonable, now that the moulds are owned by Viking Forge. I’m not ruling them out of course.

Essex are pretty high on the list. I love the rounded and slightly ‘non standard’ designs. Goblins with hair and moustaches make you reevaluate the colour schemes for skin etc which is rather a pleasant notion. And they look ‘hard’. They have character!

I’m planning a large order for a client using the Fantasy Warlord range, which I love… I just wish from my personal point of view that they’d come up with cavalry.

I’d be interested to read the your comments on the above, and indeed your own thoughts and ideas. After all with the best will in the world I may be missing a range that I have simply forgotten after 38 years of lead abuse.


  1. I highly recommend Otherworld miniatures, some of the best fantasy mainis out there - especially if you're after D&D adventurers. Whilst I find a couple of the ranges a bit too 'cartoony' (all Goblins/Orcs), their undead stuff is brilliant. The ranges are a bit limited if you want to build armies though.

  2. Yeah, I had a large army of their Hobgoblins, but they feel too modern...

  3. Don't Ral Partha always get mentioned at this point?


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