Sunday, 22 January 2017

Testing MTN94 Aerosol Paints

In an attempt to force a little normality back into myself, this morning I have been testing out the MTN94 range of spray paints... I've tried the gloss non-yellowing varnish and it's frankly superb and therefore, will be 'standard issue' for my business needs. I have also tried out the matt colours white, bone white and London grey... Here are the results.

They have great covering power despite being low pressure cans. They initially look mottled but the finish levels out very nicely as show.

Drying time does seem slower than most 'hobby' paints, so a liitle prior planning will be needed for me to utilise them on a day to day basis for my work. The boats are resin and metal, whilst of course the ogre is metal.

The barbarian used for the gloss test below was an old, figure, previously matt varnished that I found in the studio. He was given a coat of MTN94 gloss and then after a mere 15 minutes, a coat of Winsor & Newton Professional ARtist's Matt Varnish. You can see the results of both stages for yourself.

You can clearly see that despite the matt varnish, the colours are retained, thanks to the excellent gloss coat.

They are quite pungent as sprayed, but the smell dissipates very quickly, even in an enclosed space.

MTN94 sprays can be purchased from Cass Art


  1. Sounds useful. Following bad experiences with varnish in the past, I simply stopped using it. Recently though, I've been gaming more and have had to start using it. I've found brushing on two thin coats of Citadel 'Ardcoat followed by a thinned coat of Vallejo's new formulation Matt varnish. It seems to protect the integrity of the highlights, etc. Probably wouldn't work on the scale that you need to varnish though.

  2. Well seeing is believing. I would never change the matt layer I use, but both MTN94 and Montana Gold gloss varnishes work a treat. I have sprayed about 10,000 - 15,000 now with ZERO problems.


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