Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fantasy Warlord - A Forgotten Hero?

We all know that Warhammer is 'The Game Of Fantasy Battles' but in the early 90s a tactically superior set of rules was published by Folio Works by the name of 'Fantasy Warlord' it was a seriously large rulebook, and in my opinion it was aimed at mature or experienced gamers which, could at the time be the reason it died on it's arse.

It was a percentage based system, with simple but elegant army lists, a full 'classic' fantasy world background with a magic system that had some brilliant spells.

It was detailed, and on first reading it looked complex, but probably only because WHFB was totally the opposite. It was not a bucket of dice system, and you had to think about the movement of regiments within a brigade.

What's more it was crammed to the gunwhales with Gary Chalk artwork.

Anyway, I dug out my copy last week and re-read it. And, I think I will be playing a few games in the near future. I also managed to get another two copies on Amazon for £2.80 each, because you can never have too many sets of rules to hand can you?

I would encourage those of you who like the idea of a fantasy game, but shrink back from the works of the Evil Empire Of Grimdark...

Go on, you never know - You might enjoy it!

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  1. I'm just going to wait until my wife comes home so that I can use her Amazon account and then I will own a copy. I need a set of rules for all my old square based GW fantasy stuff.


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