Saturday, 25 February 2017

On Reclaiming The Sartorial High Ground

Following the trip to Vapnartak the other week, and the proliferation of the unwashed and unlaundered therein, it was something of a relief to take a trip to the Festival of British Railway Modelling and not be assaulted by body odour or the remains of the previous week's dinners displayed on the shirts of those attending.

Anyway, my experiences prompted me to reflect upon the days when the three piece suit was de riguer at the wargames show, and where good manners and polite language was the norm. As a youth I did not really appreciate those qualities, but as I have aged somewhat and stopped using words such as 'cunty' in general conversation (I do hold a 'fuck' or the odd 'bugger' are still OK, where warranted - but there again, don't we all?) I have come to see that there is nothing wrong with having standards.

I have therefore decided to up my game somewhat and put together something of a sartorially elegant  wardrobe for wearing when I am not in my studio hard at work, filling the collections of Lucky gamers the world over.

Being something of a wargames Flaneur these days, as very little catches my eye or inflames my gaming passions to the point that I need to relieve my tension by opening my wallet, I have decided that comfort whilst promenading is the order of the day and so, I have chosen a heady mix of tweed and flannels in 2 and 3 piece combinations. Not for me the risqué cords or suede shoes. I have engaged Hoggs Of Fife to produce a durable green 'Jura' check three piece to be matched to several of their Tattersall shirts, whilst more casual shirting has been ordered from S.Windsor and the shoes from Mssrs Loake. Hats and a double-breasted 3 piece are also on the cards, but I need to really take a day or two away from the studio to speak to local tailors and fondle some swatches of suitable grey wools.

You may scoff, you may be critical, of this return to conservative dress, but really, it has to be an improvement on the slippery slope of slovenliness down which many seem to be sliding at ever increasing speed in a miasma of bodily excretions.

I might be seen as 'odd' (although I will of course say that I doff my hat to those few chaps, who turn themselves out with a sense of occasion for shows) but at least I will be sure that my own standards are somewhat higher than many and that it's not my musk, causing offence.

Dress and manners, make the the man - even today.


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