Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unleash The (Undead) Legions

I have a particularly unhealthy love of fantasy and science fiction, every bit as much as I do historical gaming as is by now blatantly obvious.

I also have a penchant for uniformly ranked troops, perhaps stemming from the days when I got into gaming and single poses in a pack of figures were the (just and proper) norm.

I loathe slotta bases which sometimes means that I wont go near the modern, unclean, unrighteous, ungodly models on offer on principle.


I was surfing the aetherweb a couple of weeks ago, when I came across two models on the Black Cat Bases website which made me a little moist in the crotch, I have to confess.

100x Skeleton Roman Legionaries with Gladius & shield

Yup, undead Romans...

This ticked just about all the boxes for me.

Single pose, undead, hand weapons and thrusting/throwing weapons... Ok they have slotta bases, but let's not be churlish about it eh?

£3 each...

But wait...

5 for £12

But wait...

10 for £20

It's getting better, but wait...

50 for £75.00

This is a 50% saving

But wait some more mister...

100 for £100

£1 each!

OK, that sold me... 300 of those please.

The only problem was the small matter of archers. I know that skeletons are traditionally not the hobby's greatest shots, but they can sometimes tip the psychological balance before you charge home.

At £1 per model I'd be willing to do some converting but I reasoned that it would be interesting to ask what BCB would charge to produce a variant. After all, it should be a straightforward case of right arm with bow and a quiver for the belt. This would maintain the look of uniformity and ceaseless advance as befits the undead.

So, I typed off a quick enquiry and when Jo at BCB found out how many I wanted, it was decided that it was worth them making the model as a new variant. All they asked was that I allowed them 21 days max, to sort it all out.

And so there you go...

Now I just need to find some of the old Zvezda 'Ring Of Rule' Cursed Legion artillery and Cursed Legion Cavalry (if you have them get in touch) to round out a Legion of 9 x 24 figure cohorts with a 48 strong 1st cohort.

The largest fantasy army I ever completed was undead, using the original Citadel plastics for the skeletons with pack after pack of GW and Essex figures for the metal stuff. It was the entire Ravening Hordes army list with a shed load of extras. It was the most valuable thing I owned, when I met my wife and was living in a shared house, with no money, a long purple mohawk and my first long term relationship going into a terminal dive. My wife came along and saved me from that, but the army was offloaded for pennies on the pound at Games of Liverpool in 1988. If you bought that army - GET IN TOUCH!

Over the years I have promised I'd build a new version, but the attempts have all been aborted as I could never feel the love for the models I bought.

I think that's changed with these beauties. Now, I need to find some suitable command models.



  1. I agree about single pose regiments of undead, there is something unsettling about them moving in unison as if they are being controlled. Never seen these before but they are very cool. Nice find.

  2. Exactly, EXACTLY... One mind controlling many feet


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