Thursday, 23 March 2017

Giving Wargaming Some Stick

As you will know by now, as a result of the scruffy proles at Vapnartak, I've been hard at work collecting together a new wardrobe for my social outings, including the convention circuit, paying great attention to traditional etiquette of dress and manners.

I purchased some very fine hats in the shape of a Piccadilly made fedora and a Yorkshire made 8 panel Donegal flat cap when I made my first foray into Ted Williams (bespoke tailors). I have also picked up a few pairs of handmade shoes, ties and of course, I fell in love with bespoke suiting and shirting and spent a 3 figure sum on getting my first suit made, in a classic cut - not for me these modern tight fitting numbers - with particular attention paid to the fine details such as fob buttonholes and the like. 

The gentlemen at Ted Williams were most accommodating in attending to my somewhat discerning standards and in fact suggested even more detail once they realised that I was very serious indeed about the small detail.

So, you will imagine my pleasure at acquiring a 1907 hallmarked cane produced by Landstone & Co of Aldersgate Street, London.

It's hard to believe that this beauty is 3 years short of a century old. I wonder what tales it could tell?

I suppose I can also use it to hold the unwashed masses I encounter at a yard length if nothing else!


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