Sunday, 5 March 2017

Oh For A Simple Quiet Apology

It's been an odd week...

Several people have approached and shaken my hand, and that is not the norm for me (I am as you know, considered to be a cad, bounder and blackguard of the first water in some circles), but several of those who have approached me have caused me such surprise that I am genuinely in a something of a state of confusion.

I have also been pretty much told that the comments which caused much of the view that I am a traitorous blaggard were, in point of fact (as I made clear at the outset 3 or more years ago now) correct.

Lines have been drawn under unfortunate and untoward events, I am led to believe, which is in my opinion not ideal, but if good things are to come from doing so, then I am supportive of and enthusiastic about it.

Still, given the conversations (carried out both in front of impartial witnesses and in one case when I was not there to hear in person) it would be nice for a person with gravitas in a given collective, to simply say 'We apologise'. I don't want written retraction, nor witch hunts (because that way madness lies) , but I would dearly like a quiet but sincere couple of words of apology.

As I said, an odd week indeed.

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