Friday, 31 March 2017

On The Subject Of Lizardmen... A Decision Is Made... Money Is Spent... Happiness Abounds

Having ordered 11kg of Essex Miniatures Undead the other day, you will recall that I was also mulling the pros and cons of which Lizardmen to buy; Essex unpainted or Dwarven Forge ready painted models.

Well, in the end, I went with the Dwaren Forge painted Lizardmen...
£400 for 150 figures made them £2.66 each, whih is about the cost of a normal price Essex Lizardman (currently £1.95 in their sale).

The bonus if one was needed, having paid 71p per model for painting is that the sets include command figures, so that when you get multiple sets, you can make units with ease.

What I will do is add a set per month for the next ten months which will give me 300 models and over 6000 points of rank and file troops.

I'll add 50 or so 15mm Lizardmen by Khurasan Miniatures, to use as Lesser Lizardmen and then 6 cavalry from Asgard (6 max under 1st ed Warhamer).

I am still not certain on what to do for Troglodytes...

Pics show DF paint jobs... Well worth the 71p

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  1. So is the DF stuff coming over from the states?

  2. No, these are coming from DF Europe, here in the U.K. They kindly did me a deal as I am a repeat offender :D


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