Saturday, 25 March 2017

Piston Broke...Repairing Robo Daz

Okay, I have a vested interest here in that Darren is a friend of 35 years and wrote a stunning intro to my book, which did me more honour than I deserve.

So, I'll let Daz, do the talking:

  • In a weary World, full of woe, I suppose my case hardly merits much attention but as the old saying goes, if one does not even try...
    In my case diabetes, and sadly brought on by a disolute youth, combined with other bad luck have brought Dr. Robo to the brink and with other anvenues explored, I finally put shame away.

    A series of treatments for infections, cysts and abscesses have restored my health - combined with an improved lifestyle.

    The figure being sought is to pay the cost of said treatments. 

    Whilst not urgent, in as much as the treatments have been successful, the Devil must have his due, with both past and ongoing care for ther next year reducing me to penuary.

    As I say, not a case of great merit, as such. However, if you recall an old teacher with some fondness and are in a secure enough position to help, I will be grateful for your aid, at what I hope is the final hurdle of this saga.

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