Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Duke Of Wellington and Fackham Hall

It's been a very very busy week.

I'm not complaining, because busy, means money. But it means that I've not got much done for myself.

I did manage to get to my tailor on Wednesday for the first fitting and to pay them £1595.00 for a rather nice 3-piece suit. My tailors are Sheffield's best and I believe longest established tailors and outfitters, Ted Williams. Their customer service and attention to detail is brilliant. I can hardly wait until it's finished in around 3 months.

On Friday my latest model railway arrived. It is as you may know in 009 scale and will evolve int the private branch line to Fackham Hall, country seat of the Fackham-Sorelys.

I actually spent some time getting the test fittings done on my other railway, again in 009 narrow gauge and depicting the inner yards of Clegg's Patent Pickles. Lots to do, but not a bad half day's work.

Finally, yesterday I picked up a Peninsular British army (after a haggle or two from the original £380 asking price)  for the Shako rules set, for an attractive £300 made up of Battle Honours miniatures (the original ones) and painted by 'The Iron Duke'

They will be matted, rebased and the flags 'tickled' but at £1.15 per piece I am very happy indeed

Right, it's only a couple of hours until it's G&T time and the hour when we watch the weekly improving film from the 1980s, so I will bid you farewell for now.



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