Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It Was The Bloody Baboons I Tell You...

I crawled off to bed at 10:15 last night... I am an old man and the weekend had, as I said previously tired me out somewhat. I settled my head for a decent 7 hours, with Radio 4 Extra playing on a timer.

My dreams were fevered and in them I heard a screeching bark (no, not my mother). I woke up and there it was for real. A quick look at the clock - 12:37


It was a programme on R4E all about bloody baboons - I ask you, 12:30 at night and they play screeching, bleeding apes?

Well as you may imagine my night was disturbed...  I awoke this morning and found solace in a glass of fizzy multivitamins, a mug of coffee and my iPad.

I finally managed to calm my somewhat shattered nerves with a small purchase in the shape of a rather pretty 'Sons Of Horus' Heresy era force for a £200:

Two hours later, and I can conform that retail therapy is a definite cure for baboons!



  1. Bargain - I saw some leaked rules for Sisters of Battle this morning; I'm going to have to dig their case out of the attic now. After becoming somewhat disillusioned with GW over the last ten years or so, I'm slowly warming to the new direction that they're taking.

  2. I agree. But it does look as if the fun is back in the game.


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