Friday, 26 May 2017


In almost 4 decades of being involved in this hobby and by extension of my mercantile nature, the industry, I have generally prided myself in not only having a finely honed sense of what lies behind any story, be it about a company, gaming club or individual, but also at being on the leading edge of the miniature ranges available.

I confess that in the last decade, Games Workshop have been pretty much off my radar as I thought (with good reason I believe) that they were, in a creative sense  a soulless corporate garbage tug, heading down the river to the Bay of Oblivion.

And so, that is my defence for being totally unprepared for what I found in a box this very morning.

Yes, I was caught out by a box of plastic!

After a long hard week of painting and basing I am taking a 4 day break, and so as my wife (whose birthday is today) slumbers, I have wandered upstairs into my studio to open the box of Tyranids which arrived yesterday.

I was happily opening the models when I found some of the 'character' models. OK, I knew the size of a Carnifex - who doesn't ? - but bugger me sideways, I wasn't ready for the massive models that  found in that box.

As I said, I have not kept up with GW's output, and to be honest, I bought this army because it was pretty and a bargain. I have to say I certainly got my money's worth, as the following images show. I popped a GW Eldar and a few 28mm Norman infantry on my desk to act as a scale measure, so I think that you'll see why I was so shocked.

I have just seen the time, so if you will excuse me, I have to go and shower and head off down to Warhammer World to spend a few pounds on some Forgeworld models before heading into the city for a slap up Japanese luncheon of sushi and octopus balls with the memsahib.


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