Friday, 2 June 2017

'Charlie' In The Trees and Backwards Facing Knees

Well, sometimes my purchases do not go as smoothly as I'd wish.

You may recall I'd bought a nice little Sons Of Horus 30K force to be joined with another which I'd set out to buy from a German seller. The German seller got cold feet despite me meeting his asking price, so I was left with the S.O.H part-army.

Ho hum... No problem - It took less than an hour to recoup what I'd paid, but I still wanted a 30 era army. Anyway, on Saturday I'd seen a rather nice 30K Adeptus Mechanicus force which was only around 1500pts. To be honest I was not too enthused by the pushiness of the seller, so although it was nice, I passed on it.

This was what it looked like:

Well, I was looking on eBay yesterday and came across a smaller force which was very similar in style and which would, if combined with the army above, make a really nice force as well as coming with the Forgeworld rule book:

Some very swift Paypal action and both were secured - Result!

Now, a few months ago, I'd looked at some 20mm Vietnam models. The painting was varied, but at an asking price of 50p per figure and £4 per vehicle, I was almost tempted, but passed in the end... But, I have been watching M.A.S.H which whilst being supposedly set in Korea is a blatant nod towards the Vietnam War. This got me digging out my old books and the excellent Body Count rules, which led to me contacting the seller, who still had them. It seems that 20mm has lost it's pull these days so I was in luck and purchased the collection which is around 350 models:

A bit of TLC on the vehicles and I think it'll be a nice pocket money priced collection all told...


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  1. Bad luck with the first deal, but those Adeptus Mechanicus look ace! Those Vietnam figures look good - I've had a vague notion of collecting it in 15mm and use the Charlie Don't Surf rules. I've not heard of the Bodycount rules before, I'll have to look them up.


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