Saturday, 10 June 2017

This will be brief as I got to bed at 2:30 after finishing a monumental painting stint just before midnight, grabbed a glass of wine, hummus, pittas and olives along with some cheery charcuterie, and took in a couple of 1984 episodes of Top Of The Pops. I was up again at 6AM, to sort out some steel pins, destined to become pikes, and so I am actually a tad fatigued as type this blog update.. 

My 20mm Vietnam stuff arrived on Wednesday, and was sent back on Thursday as the seller had just dropped them in a box with a few bits of newspaper. You may imagine - or prefer not to - how they arrived. I was not happy at all.

I am currently waiting for a 20mm Arab/Israeli collection to arrive from the Netherlands. It was quite a large collection and worked out at about 75p per model or vehicle. The seller I understand has taken great pains in the packing and so I am hoping that they will arrive in pretty good condition, some time next week.

My lightsaber also arrived this week and Parcel Force gave my wallet a real good going over   with their fees, charges and taxes racket - That's what it is - a racket!

Hopefully tonight we'll be gaming and drinking a few alcohol free beers. I'm not sure what we are playing, but it'll probably something fairly straight forward as we are all seemingly, pretty whacked out this week.

I buy copious numbers of audio books from Audible, which I listen to as I workI am currently listening to the travelogues of Neil Peart of veteran Canadian rock band, Rush. He's a really perceptive observer and writes well, painting pictures of Canada and the U.S which bring those places to life in the mind's eye. 

He describes his terrible shyness and how that shapes the way that fans perceive him as being somewhat misanthropic. 

I am also absorbing 'Down & Out In Paris And London' by George Orwell and it's OK in small doses - like arsenic. After that, I have Somerset Maugham's 'The Gentleman In The Parlour' lined up leaving about another half dozen of varying genres including the 60 hour long marathon which is Alan Moore's 'Jerusalem'.

I am now very certain that I will finish my 'last hurrah' of gaming spending a year earlier than planned. It all turns on the availability of Perry Miniatures 'Cape Wars' models at Britcon in August.

I've been so busy that my studio had got into a right old state. I am not the kind of artist who can wallow in squalor, so a 3 hour heavy duty clean has been in order and, I can now see all the work surfaces, but cleaning the dust from the lids of 200 pots of paint with a lump of Blu-Tak was something of an experience. Still, it's done and now I can feel a little more at ease up here.

I ordered all my 8th edition WH40K stuff last weekend and I cannot wait to get my hands on it all in 7 days time. It really does look to be a great leap forward and the figures I have recently purchased are all dying to get stuck in a.s.a.p. 

Well, that's all for now,



  1. Shame about the Vietnam models. There's something cathartic about cleaning up a work space, I find.

  2. I was mildly gutted, it has to be said. I agree about catharsis from a clear out too. I feel recharged after getting my work space ship-shape again.


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