Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that jazz...

Today should have seen the end of the building work. I had planned to work until I had completed all my work for the remainder of this week, in one sitting, clocking up in the end a massive 15 hours at my desk, having risen at a little after 4AM and 5 hours sleep. The plan was to start the sealing of the plasterwork on Thursday.

Alas, yesterday, I presented my builders with some very good bottles of vodka - and last night they both drank them!

So, when I heard the van pull up a full hour an a half late, with only one of them in it, you may imagine my mood and indeed the colour of my internal dialogue.

Now I am crossing my fingers that they complete it all on Thursday so that I can begin to get my home back again.

I've been hard at work on lots of 6mm stuff for clients in the last couple of weeks as well as 1/600 coastal warfare models for Heroics & Ros and more 15mm stuff for two other clients. But, I also managed to make a start on my own 6mm sci-fi with a test model and the beginnings of my first two platoons, all finished in a subtle colour scheme and embellished with the excellent decals from Fighting Pirannah (yes that's how they spell it) Graphics:

Fluorescent green is just so 80s!

I also ordered a drop ship, to deliver my power armoured infantry units to the battlefield. I confess that when it arrived from Daemonscape, I got a hard-on:

This morning a box arrived from Brigade Models with another 240 infantry and another 8 power armoured troops along with some more AFVs, so I think that I am almost finished buying stuff for my sci-fi project.

There's not much more to report other than to reiterate that 6mm is definitely the way I am going now. I think it has so many positive aspects that it'd be stupid not to. That realistic look when you have a proper army deployed, takes some beating and the the the more realistic appearance of terrain also enhances the gaming experience.

I'm currently ploughing through the Lord & Lands rules as well as Future War Commander and my appetite is showing no signs of be satisfied yet :)

Well, if you will excuse me, I have been awake 17 hours now and I am back at my desk again in just under 9 hours, so I will bid you a fond farewell for the time being.


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  1. Wow - that's a whopper (the drop ship, not the other thing)!


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