Saturday, 12 August 2017

Over to Britcon today and I spoke to my trusted and regular supplier about some 28mm Cape Wars figures which I hope to collect next Sunday at Partizan. 

It’s an interesting setting. The armies are not large, with 3000 men being a top end for the Xhosa and 1500 or so for the British, with the added fun of Boers, who were starting to get a bit uppity at the time. 

It means you can play some rather pretty games with around 300 models as well as smaller scale raids and the like. The lack of later weaponry such as the Gardner means that it can be rather bloody at close quarters.

I have had to go with 28mm against my better judgement as it’s not produced in any other scales, so don't judge me eh?

The two volumes sold by Perry Miniatures are an excellent read, even if you are just interested in learning more. As always they are superbly produced.

My mate and I picked up 8 Irregular Miniatures army packs, ready painted to an OK standard for 50% of bare metal cost, and between us bought 4 sets of the Perry Miniatures ‘Travel Wargame’ at £40 each from Dave Thomas, who was somewhat hoarse after a night on the town in Manchester last night.

I also purchased 3 paper army sets for 28mm figures from Helion and Company which will end up as large 28mm armies with which I will I think upset friends with traditional armies, when I turn up for games (maybe even a competition for the hell of it) with paper models.

I had a little bad news this week. A friend of mine - a painter whose work I respect - has irreversible lung cancer. The 2017 Reaper appears to be picking up steam again… It really should look elsewhere for 'trade' as I am getting a little fed up with hearing of friends being taken down in their prime. 

Anyway, to end on a more positive note, here are some pics of today's loot haul:

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